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The Cloned Sith

Single Player Campaign Mod

Feel free to write to us and comment/suggest.

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Site News and Updates:


I've just uploaded the "The Cloned Sith" preview! Download it now! It's a little movie previewing the TCS mod.

Authors page has been updated. Download page has been updated.


Ok, we've finished recruiting! We have now got:

2 mappers, 2 skinners, 1 professional graphics designer, 4 voicers, 2 scripters, 3 beta testers and X modelers! you can check them out on the Authors page! So now the mod will get on faster! We will be putting up more screenshots as we go on making the mod.


Yes, finally an update! good news thought, I have submited the file at , and people like it. I'm quite happy. I have just uploaded the latest TCS mod, the Beta 1.1 . No new screenshots yet. The new beta release comes with a part of level 3 of TCS. The contact us page still does not work, so I will just put our emails. 

-+-+ We are recruiting +-+-

There is so much work to do.... :-P, so we are recruiting. We need a scripter, a modeler, a skinner and a mapper. Just send me an email . We don't mind if you can do more than one of the options above. ;-)


The Site is finally uploaded, thought, not fully operational. Currently, you can download the Beta-Test mod so I can have your opinion, There a few screenshots, and you can read the Story & Info.

Maps, Skins, Mods, Utilities and more!