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The Cloned Sith

Story & Info

The Cloned Sith is a Single Player Campaign Mod for Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast, a great game from Lucas Arts. DarkTemplar270486 started this mod a while ago, then was joined by Blue Charlie.

**This is an invented story, and is not based on any comics or movies**

4 years after Desann's defeat, in a lonely graveyard on Delodar's 2nd moon, where Desann is buried, a tall looking figure is stading in front of a grave...
Tavion, after years of searching and plotting, has finally found her master's grave. Using the powers of the force, she unearthes Desann's bones, and takes his lizard-like skull.
" At last... My Master... " -Tavion-
Tavion put the skull in a golden-like casing, and pressed the blue button on the side, wich locked the casing.
All he saw was a woman in a cloak and a red glowing blade thrown towards him.
" You poor idiot. <laughs evily> " -Tavion-
She took the casing, head for her ship, and flew to.....

8 month later:

Kyle, with Luke's and Lando's permission, has made a small Jedi Academy, on Bespin.
Students are not rare, but they are not numerous, he should advertise a bit more, and get a few more Jedi Trainers sent to him. He is lying on his bed, when suddenly, his computer flashes: He's receiving mail...
<< Kyle, be on alert, I sense a great disturbence in the force, something not natural.
May the force be with you,
Luke. >>
Kyle sat down, and wrote back.
<< I have felt it too. Don't worry, I will let you know if anything happens.
May the force be with you,
Kyle. >>
"bip-bip bip-bip bip-bip" goes the alarm clock: It's time for class.
Kyle gets up and walks to his class, thinking about what this disturbance could be.
" Good afternoon, master Kyle. " -Chriss-
" Good afternoon. " -Kyle-
" Are you troubled, master? " -Chriss-
" Yes, Luke and I sense something unusual in the Force... "
" Really? I felt it too, but... I thought about if I were wrong, and I knew that if ever there was something, you would tell me. "
" Well, you were right, but still, I am surprised that you felt it, you're still a Pada... " -Kyle-
" MASTER, BEHIND YOU!! " -Chriss-

Stormtroopers, and Reborn warriors....


Well, here it is, the story, up to you to download the mod or not!